Requirements To Demo A Martin Moto Bike: 


*Demo rides are by appointment only. Please text, call, or email us for availability. Call/text: 610-369-3120 or email Brian at

*All riders MUST provide proof of a motorcycle license/endorsement (permits do not qualify)

*All riders MUST wear proper gear which includes ALL of the following:

       1. Helmet

       2. Long pants

       3. Jacket

       4. Closed toed shoes

       5. Gloves

*All demo rides will be dealer-lead. If a sales specialist in unavailable at the time of a demo ride request, we have the right to reschedule that ride to another time/date. 

*Demo rides will only be available during nice weather days. Rain, snow, and ice may impact the availability of a demo ride for that particular day.

*Martin Moto has the right to refuse demo rides to unqualified, underdressed, and inexperienced riders at any time. Our goal is to protect the customer first and our reputation as a demo dealership. We love being able to offer demo rides, but safety comes before anything else.